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Resident Arts Groups

Resident Arts Groups

The Clark State Performing Arts Center is the performance home of the Springfield Arts Council and the Springfield Symphony Orchestra. We are proud to partner with these wonderful organizations!

Springfield Arts Council

The Springfield Arts Council is recognized for leading the citizens of Springfield, Clark County and the region to an enhanced appreciation of the performing arts. The youth, young adults, diverse and underserved populations of the community are also active participants and supporters of the performing arts and regularly attend events. The Springfield Arts Council is the initiator of cooperative ventures with many organizations within the community and the region, resulting in a broad and stimulating array of arts offerings supported by substantial financial and human resources.

For more information:
Tim Rowe, Executive Director

Springfield Symphony Orchestra

The Springfield Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1943 by Edwin Juergens, William Minnick and William Fiedler, the organization's first conductor. The first complete concert was performed in 1944 at Central Methodist Church in Springfield. In addition to William Fiedler, the SSO has been under the musical direction of seven leaders: Walter Heermann from 1946-1948; Guy Taylor from 1948-1951; Evan Whallon from 1951-1957; Jackson Wiley from 1957-1970; Robert Gutter from 1970-1972; John E. Ferritto from 1972-2001; and current Music Director and Conductor, Maestro Peter Stafford Wilson.

For more information:
Lou Ross, Executive Director