Friends and Volunteers

The Clark State Performing Arts Center continues to be the cultural icon of Springfield. It is the performance home for area arts organizations and is helping to revitilize our Center City by acting as the hub of entertainment, arts and culture. It is only through your generous support and the support of your community that enables the Center to thrive and grow.

Support comes in many forms! Volunteers, Circle of Friends members, sponsors - both individual and corporate - and patrons who love all art-forms and attend the events in our beautiful facility are critical to our livelihood.

You can support the Center financially by becoming a member of the Circle of Friends and receive benefits to enhance your experience, or you can spend your free time with us by becoming a volunteer where you can take tickets and greet or seat patrons.

Thank you for your love of the arts, you patronage and your interest in your home for the arts - the Clark State Performing Arts Center.